Sunday, November 30, 2014

Renowned Folsom Spa Premieres Luxurious New Television Commercial

There’s a reason why clients keep coming back to Hoshall’s: it provides the best Folsom spa and salon experience in the area. In an effort to attract new customers, the leading beauty and relaxation expert recently launched a TV commercial, inviting folks to “experience the secret of Hoshall’s Spa and Salon.” The 30-second TV spot features most of the pampering services that Hoshall’s offers. It opens with clients relaxing in the sauna, which boasts a low-humidity, dry quality steam that effectively loosens the muscles. Its facial care services are featured next, with a woman getting a rejuvenating facial from one of the salon’s highly trained aestheticians. The TVC then shows a group of friends enjoying a delicious and healthy lunch on the spa’s scenic patio.

Friday, November 28, 2014

One of the Best Folsom Hair Salons Offers Olaplex with Hair Coloring

Want to be a stunning blonde or a ravishing redhead? Thankfully, hair coloring allows you to wear the color you’ve always wanted in the space of a few hours. This convenience comes with a catch, though: the ammonia in dyes can damage hair cuticles, while peroxides can dry out hair. That’s why Hoshall’s, one of the best hair salons in Folsom, is happy to announce that Olaplex is now part of our coloring services. This groundbreaking product was developed by two of the world’s top PhD’s in Materials and Chemistry, Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker. These world-class scientists created a brand new molecule that links the broken bonds in hair, thereby practically eliminating the possibility of hair breakage during the coloring process. In other words, when our stylists add Olaplex to hair coloring products, you are guaranteed to enjoy beautiful, breakage-free hair.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time to Visit Folsom Hair Salons and Try Out Two New Autumn Hairstyles

Much like the Sombre, the Bronde is also having its moment this Autumn. Bronde hair is that perfect mix of blonde and brunette made popular by supermodel Gisele Bündchen back in 2007. Many natural brunette celebrities have taken the ‘bronde’ route. Check out how Beyoncé, Jessica Biel, and Jennifer Lopez are now rocking this trend. If you want to try these popular hairstyles out for yourself, you might want to hop along to one of the best hair salons in Folsom—such as Hoshall’s Salon and Spa, for instance—where you’re sure to be delighted with the stunning new look they create for you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Massage in Folsom: Which Type Suits the Stress Relief You Require?

Dealing with many problems in your personal or work life, you generally feel drained of energy or psychologically beat-up. In these cases, the gentle strokes of Swedish massage and the warmth and loosening effects of hot stones can be invigorating and soothing. Through these techniques, you can release some mental and emotional tensions and focus on relaxation. A full-service Folsom massage spa like Hoshall's Salon and Spa offers these treatments and more. Talk to the spa’s licensed therapist upon booking your appointment to know which type can achieve the stress relief you require.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

El Dorado Hills Massage Therapy Can Help with Your Pregnancy Pain

As a woman’s pregnancy progresses, the baby takes up more space, often leading to a lot of pain and discomfort in the body. As such, many pregnant women seek massage therapy to relieve neck and back pain caused by weight gain and altered biomechanics during pregnancy. El Dorado Hills massage therapists can help expectant mothers adjust to their bodily changes so that their pregnancy will push through in the most comfortable way possible.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Folsom Day Spa: Massage Therapy is more than Just a Stress Reliever

Before proceeding with the treatment, your massage therapist is likely to ask about any medical conditions you may have and the results you want out of the massage therapy session. Likewise, your therapist may conduct a thorough physical evaluation and locate by touch the areas on your body that are tense or painful to determine what type of pressure to apply. Massage therapy can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes depending on your chosen mode of treatment. Modern living can certainly take its toll on your health, what with all the deadlines you need to beat, the work you need to finish, and all that. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of massage therapy at a classy Folsom spa like Hoshall's Salon and Spa to rejuvenate

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Visiting a Folsom Massage Salon is the Perfect Way to Prep for Your Wedding

Fancy dresses, beautiful makeup, and dazzling smiles complete the spectacle at celebrity weddings and red carpet events. However, in an interview with Yahoo! Beauty, designer Monique Lhuillier says those are just one part of the picture as famous stars like Drew Barrymore and Kristen Stewart undergo weeks of preparation to look and feel good for each special occasion. With one of the most important life events coming up, Lhuillier encourages brides-to-be to undergo a deep tissue massage at least four weeks prior to their wedding day. Regular clients of a Folsom massage spa and salon such as Hoshall’s Salon and Spa couldn’t agree more with Lhuillier’s recommendation, because a deep tissue massage therapy is as rejuvenating as it is relaxing. In fact, these two words best describe the level of pampering clients need as they prepare themselves mentally and physically for momentous occasions. Whether it involves hot stones or Swedish massage techniques, such a treatment restores.

Monday, September 29, 2014

El Dorado Hills Massage Spa: Share a Couples Massage with Your Beloved

Hectic work schedules and household chores can leave most people longing for some physical pampering to melt away the day-to-day stress. Indeed, some people turn to their spouses or partners for a soothing massage at the end of the day. Unfortunately, getting massages from someone who doesn’t understand how to apply the right pressure or touch the right points can lead to muscle spasms, soreness, and maybe even an all-out fight. Instead of providing amateurish massages to each other, why not visit an El Dorado Hills massage spa for a soothing, relaxing couples massage? Few things are as intimate and indulgent as receiving the perfect massage together and sharing the peace and relaxation you experience with each other. In an article on Essentials for Health, author Gill Tree writes that couples massages come with some really neat bonuses.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hair Spas in Folsom, CA: Transitioning Your Hair from Summer to Autumn

If home remedies don’t do the trick, trendy spas in Folsom, CA like Hoshall’s Salon and Spa can take care of all your autumn beauty woes. Simply come in or make an appointment to receive the salon and spa services you need. Feel free to kick off your heels and relax in the hands of a professional team and enjoy being pampered while they give your ‘do the treatment it needs to face the year’s colder months. Ready to have your hair looking fabulous for the fall season? Book an appointment with a popular Folsom spa like Hoshall’s Salon and Spa today, and be on your way to a fashionable fall look!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fight Stress-related Hair Loss with Extensions from Folsom Hair Salons

Is this news relevant across the pond? Very much so, if the real estate website Movoto is to be believed. While Americans are quite familiar with stress, certain areas in the U.S. have it much worse than others, with California earning the fourth spot on the list of the most stressed-out states at present. Women who find themselves losing their hair due to stress have even more reason to spend time at the best hair salons in Folsom, CA, like Hoshall’s Salon and Spa. While addressing the root cause (no pun intended) of hair loss is another matter altogether, hair salons offer a convenient and effective solution: hair extensions. Hair extensions can either be natural or artificial, although more stylists favor the former by virtue of the authentic look and feel. Some hair extensions are sold as clip-ons, which allow them to be worn with ease. However, clip-on extensions generally pale in comparison to the (relatively) permanent extensions provided by professional stylists.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

El Dorado Hills Hair Salon Gives You Hollywood’s Trendiest Hairstyle

Those looking to follow in their favorite celeb’s footsteps need only visit a popular hair salon in El Dorado Hills, California like Hoshall’s Salon and Spa. In addition to top-notch hair care services, clients visiting Hoshall’s can look forward to some quality pampering fit for a Hollywood icon, in the form of body care treatments and massages. A baby bob is anything but simple, to say the least. A common misconception of the term “bob cut” is that it has to be a short style. In fact, a “bob cut” can vary in length as the term only refers to hair being cut to the same length, as opposed to a layered or asymmetrical look. That being said, the short version is easier to maintain than other bob styles, making it a practical yet trendy choice for busy women. Short bobs also mean fewer tangles and split-ends, which can be quite annoying to fix. Famous variations of this hairstyle include A-line bobs (i.e. hair cut to be geometrically straight) and curly bobs, which vary in overall leng

Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to Set a Bridal Shower at a Popular Folsom Day Spa for Your Fiancé

Organizing a wedding is very stressful, especially so for the bride! Of course, being the loving husband-to-be that you are, you’d want to help your fiancé unwind—and what better way to achieve that than to book a bridal shower at a glamorous Folsom spa like Hoshall's Salon and Spa? If you plan to do just that, keep in mind that throwing a bridal shower for your fiancé takes careful planning. You may want to ask help from your fiancé’s maid of honor and several other friends.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Take a Look at Summer Hair Care Tips & Trends from Folsom Hair Salons

Is the sun really damaging your hair? The answer is yes. Sun damage is real and should be a concern for anyone wanting to keep their hair vibrant and healthy. As top Folsom hair salons will tell you, UV rays damage hair by opening the cuticle and allowing the sun to basically bleach the hair. An open cuticle depletes and evaporates the moisture deep in the core of the hair shaft. H-Line’s Elixir 11 is the best product to fight the damaging effects of summer. Not only does Elixir 11 act like a sunscreen for your hair, but it also protects your hair from chlorine and salt when taking a summer swim. When sprayed in before jumping into any water, Elixir 11 forms a protectant coat that chlorine and salt cannot penetrate.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

El Dorado Hills Massage: Therapy beyond Relaxation for Older Adults

Michael further cites studies that show how massage improves certain aspects or symptoms of various chronic ailments, like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. In addition, massages have been proven to lower blood pressure and relieve lower back pain. El Dorado Hills massage therapy targets a surprising number of health concerns that commonly plague older adults, thereby improving their overall well being. Aside from providing relief from stress and discomfort linked to frailty or illnesses, massage may be able to prevent common injuries as well.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Massage in Folsom Soothes Sore Muscles, Enhances Athletic Performance

Casper suggests that aside from relieving sore muscles and releasing tension, massage therapy, together with foam rolling and stretching, can help you become more aware of your body. While a do-it-yourself massage or a shoulder rub from a partner can be beneficial, it wouldn’t be as effective as professional massage therapy. Physical therapy experts also note that athletes and active people need to be educated on chronic muscle tightness. Instead of merely treating the condition to relieve pain, it would be best to prevent it altogether. Regular massage in Folsom is one way to address muscle tightness and pain.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spa and Nail Salon in Folsom, CA Offers Clients Luxurious Pampering

If you feel like you could use some supermodel pampering, you might want to visit top nail salons in Folsom, CA, like Hoshall’s Salon and Spa, for deep-tissue massages and other beauty treatments fit for any celebrity or runway model. It’s worth noting, however, that any form of massage should ideally be performed by a trained and experienced professional to ensure the best results. Otherwise what started out as a soothing massage session may soon result in unintended pain and soreness all over the body.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School for them means spa time for YOU at Hoshall’s

Would you like to WIN an amazing spa package from Hoshall’s? As summer draws to a close, Back to School time is here once again. The new backpacks and lunchboxes have been purchased, the class schedules have been received, and bedtime is getting more strictly enforced. But with all the preparation you’ve been doing for your children, have you been able to take any time for yourself? At Hoshall’s, we know that it’s about that time for some very much needed rest and relaxation at one of the best spas in Folsom, CA. To celebrate the conclusion of summer, we are holding the Back to School Photo Contest!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nail Salons in Folsom, CA: The Health Benefits of a Proper Pedicure

It is also deemed advisable to trim toenails soon after a shower, as the nails are softer and less likely to suffer damage. Renowned nail salons in Folsom, CA, like Hoshall’s Salon and Spa, on the other hand, can do a much better job as trained nail techs can groom your toenails using precision nail clippers that are far superior to the drug store variety. These tools are better at keeping your nails short, as well as preventing unintended nail damage. For example, ingrown nails usually occur if you don’t trim your nails regularly. However, you are also just as likely to get ingrown nails if the trimmers or clippers you use don’t cut your nails all the way through. Improper trimming creates nail spicules that often wedge themselves into your skin. You’ll have to visit a nail expert soon to get these spicules removed as they are liable to puncture your skin and cause infection.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Introducing the Mohawk Braid: High Fashion’s Happy Medium

After showing up all over the runway in NYC, Toronto, and Seoul, the Mohawk braid’s popularity continued to gain speed and is making a name for itself as the must-have hairdo for fall. Different variations of the style have been popping up on inspiration websites like Pinterest and Instagram ever since, and while the unique plait looks complex, it can be easily achieved at hair salons in Folsom, CA. Choose your favorite look from the Tibi fashion slideshow or find your favorite version of the braid on Pinterest, and bring it in to your next appointment at Hoshall’s.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Soothing Body Wrap at a Folsom Spa Centers Melts All Your Stress Away

Some of the best body wraps make use of a number of familiar, everyday ingredients like honey, butter, and chocolate. Spas may employ different body wrap methods, but all have the express purpose of covering a person’s entire body with soothing ingredients, then heating up the skin with a thermal blanket laid underneath the massage table. Once the body begins to sweat, it is rinsed with water and lotion. Clients emerge with their skin noticeably smoother and senses soothed. Skin often takes a hit as a result of everyday stress. Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco discovered that chronic stress shortens the telomeres in the chromosomes, which hampers cell regeneration and, thus, leads to premature aging, poorer eyesight, weaker muscles, and the like. Beauty spas in Folsom, CA, can help correct this with soothing massage and detoxifying body wrap treatments.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Stylists at Folsom Hair Salons Can Give You that Long-overdue Makeover

Every once and a while, you may get enthused or inspired to get a dramatic hairstyle makeover, too. A change in your life (or the prolonged lack of it) may be all it takes to get an itch to switch into a new look. Fortunately, you can count on experienced stylists at one of the top hair salons in Folsom to design the perfect cut. Are you thinking of getting a shorter ‘do like KStew? Don’t let the chop be a flop. Expert haircutters can determine the length and style that suit the shape of your face and enhance your overall appearance. Your stylist can also come up with variations to create the exact impression you wish to make, be it sassy, sweet and sultry, prim and proper, or downright edgy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

El Dorado Hills Massage during Pregnancy: Common Questions Addressed

Lying face down may put stress on swollen breasts and the abdomen, while lying flat on the back may prevent optimal circulation to the legs because of the excessive weight. In a typical massage session, therefore, a pregnant woman is made to lie in a safe and comfortable side-lying position supported by pillows or special pads. Are there any special preparations? When setting up an appointment, pregnant women should inquire about how to prepare for the therapy. For instance, a large meal or excessive drinks are not advisable. Pre-massage regimens like sauna or steam baths are also discouraged. Can any therapist perform it? A spa that offers pregnancy massage in El Dorado Hills, CA, such as Hoshall’s Salon and Spa, is the best place to visit.

Monday, July 21, 2014

El Dorado Hills Hair Salon Stylist a Finalist in Prestigious Contest

Hoshall’s Hair Salon & Spa, a leading El Dorado Hills hair salon, is proud to announce that one of its stylists, Chelsea Collins, has been chosen as one of seven finalists out of thousands who entered Wella’s Trend vision Hair Color compition And Styling awards. After graduating from Hoss Lee Academy, Chelsea started her career with the Hoshall’s and has been with the company for three years. In 2012 Chelsea won the Hoshall’s Rising Star Award and has not looked back since. This will be Collins’ second year entering the prestigious TrendVision contest, which pits the world’s most talented and visionary hair stylists against each other. The theme “Urban Native” was amazingly interpreted by Chelsea with a stonewashed ombre, styled with an uncontrived long side braid, accented with a frontal braid banding across the crown.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Book a MANicure at a Folsom, CA Nail Salon

If you’re trying to avoid battered clichés like “World’s Best Dad” mugs, why not book your father a manicure at one of the luxurious nail salons in Folsom, CA? A manicure can also prevent fungal infections from occurring. The hands (and feet) are subjected to dirt, sweat, and a variety of substances that facilitate fungi growth. A professional manicurist can identify a potential fungal infection in its early stages. As such, the manicurist can address the issue before it worsens.

Overall, a manicure is a great way to look good and feel good—and who knows, maybe your father will enjoy it so much he’ll start doing it regularly. Considering the health benefits of manicures that your father may not have known, it’d be great if he did. That way, you can use the time to bond with him more often.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Folsom Massage Therapy Promotes the Rejuvenation of Both Body and Mind

Have you ever dozed off while having a massage in Folsom? It’s pretty hard to not fall asleep in the middle of a massage, right?

According to experts, massages promote better delta wave production, a key component in sleep. As such, people who have frequent massages can better obtain the benefits of a good night’s rest (less stress, better decision making, etc.).

A massage is a fantastic way to help you cope with the stress of your responsibilities and promote better overall health. With that in mind, do not hesitate to book a massage at the best local spa in Folsom like Hoshall’s Salon & Spa the next time you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

El Dorado Hills Massage Therapy Provides All-Natural Headache Relief

An easing in muscle tension reduces pressure is applied on the nerves and blood vessels. When this happens, blood circulation improves, and this relieves pain caused by headaches. In addition, by helping the muscles relax, massage therapy also effectively lowers stress and anxiety levels that can exacerbate the condition. When performed regularly, massage therapy helps maintain an optimum level of relaxation, which aids greatly in headache relief and prevention.

Finally, massage therapy helps rejuvenate your body. In addition to relieving headache, therapeutic massage also helps regulate blood pressure, increase flexibility, and improve circulation. Experience a new kind of relief from headache and other pains when you visit an El Dorado Hills massage facility like Hoshall’s Salon and Spa.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Folsom Day Spa: Health Benefits of Massage Therapy You Didn’t Know

Everybody knows that a good relaxing massage has the power to reduce pain, loosen up muscles, and leave you feeling good. Specifically, massage therapy administered by a qualified therapist at a trendy Folsom spa can stimulate your skin’s nerve endings, release feel-good endorphins, and keep the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline in check. However, did you know that massage therapy can be good for your heart and overall health as well?

You can always visit a Folsom day spa any time you like, but to fully maximize the benefits of massage therapy, it will be wise to first consult your primary care physician. If your doctor confirms that massage may help, feel free to schedule a massage session with a popular day spa like Hoshall’s Salon and Spa.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bob Cuts at Hair Salons in Folsom, CA: This Season’s Hottest Trend

According to the Telluride Medical Center in Colorado, it only takes the sun roughly 15 minutes to inflict its blistering sting on light complexions. Sun exposure between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., where the sun’s rays are at peak strength, can hasten the process. That dark patch on your neck can ruin an otherwise perfectly sun-kissed look.

If you’re more concerned about your looks than having a tan, you’ll be happy to know that bob cuts are among the most versatile hairstyles around. Seasoned stylists at reputable hair salons in Folsom, such as Hoshall’s Salon and Spa, can style bob cuts to flatter each client’s face. Indeed, this style works for most facial shapes and is easy to maintain compared to the pixie cut.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Will a Pixie Cut Work? El Dorado Hills Hair Salon Says It Depends

Short hair, in general, isn’t as easy as slicing your flowing locks off. Take a look at pictures of celebrities who have sported pixie cuts, and you’ll notice that their hair stays as close as possible to the scalp. It takes the deft touch of a skilled hairstylist at a hair salon in El Dorado Hills like Hoshall’s Salon and Spa to replicate the look properly.

First, make sure you fulfill the requirements for a good pixie cut: straight hair, oval face, and a bold personality. These are just the bare minimum. Pixie cuts can appear even shorter on a heart-shaped face to draw attention away from the long jawline. In any case, wavy or curly pixie cuts will require more effort to maintain than straight pixie cuts.

Second, pixie cuts may require follow-up visits to a top El Dorado Hills salon since they lose their shape after six weeks tops. Short pixie cuts also need more trimming than longer ones.n when this short look proves its weight in gold.