Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Year, New Hair, New You with Amazing Olaplex at Our El Dorado Hills Salon

If you’re planning on starting the year off energetic, refreshed and more beautiful than ever our El Dorado Hills salon can offer groundbreaking products that will help you reach all your 2015 beauty goals. In addition to affordable spa packages, a talented staff and a calm atmosphere, Hoshall’s Salon and Spa features Olaplex, a product that can completely transform the look of your hair. If you’ve always been bogged down by unhealthy, frizzy hair due to color treatment, flat irons, blow dryers and too many products, our hair salon in El Dorado Hills may be able to help. Olaplex is a treatment designed to repair the tiny bonds within your hairs that are destroyed over time. Even daily hair routines such as brushing when wet can cause immense damage to hair bonding.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Folsom Spas Increase Your Confidence and Your Health!

Many spas in Folsom, Ca may have been hit with the wrath of a downward economy, yet it’s important to remember that regular spa visits are essential to overall health and well being. A visit to your local Folsom spa can do everything from reduce stress hormone levels, to boost your immunity, to relieve PMS symptoms. These are benefits that should be considered nothing less than priceless, even during the toughest of times. An affordable weekly massage can actually do wonders for your stress levels. Several studies have shown that a quality massage can bring down your blood pressure and reduce stress hormone cortisol; leaving you happy, relaxed and healthful. A reduction in stress will boost your immune system, keeping you healthy all year long. A massage is also effective for those suffering from any kind of chronic pain. They can cure headaches, relieve muscular pain and even help with labor discomfort.

Folsom Hair Salons can bring the fashion trends from Paris to you!

And depending on what time of year it is, the most popular styles rarely cross over from year to year without some sort of variation, keeping things new and fresh all year round. When it comes to finding out about the latest fashion movements, one of the biggest questions to ponder is, “where is the most reputable place to find out what the latest trends are?” Well, Paris of course! The 2014 Paris Fashion Week was loaded with all the latest directions in fashion, focusing on everything from handbags to the health of the hands that hold on to them. Hair, which always keeps us guessing, made quite an appearance this year surprising the industry with the embracing of extreme length. Not quite “Crystal Gail” extreme length, but definitely more pronounced than before. “Straight, long and simple” seemed to be the mantra in a category that has for the past year, been dominated by edgy crops.