Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Visiting a Folsom Massage Salon is the Perfect Way to Prep for Your Wedding

Fancy dresses, beautiful makeup, and dazzling smiles complete the spectacle at celebrity weddings and red carpet events. However, in an interview with Yahoo! Beauty, designer Monique Lhuillier says those are just one part of the picture as famous stars like Drew Barrymore and Kristen Stewart undergo weeks of preparation to look and feel good for each special occasion. With one of the most important life events coming up, Lhuillier encourages brides-to-be to undergo a deep tissue massage at least four weeks prior to their wedding day. Regular clients of a Folsom massage spa and salon such as Hoshall’s Salon and Spa couldn’t agree more with Lhuillier’s recommendation, because a deep tissue massage therapy is as rejuvenating as it is relaxing. In fact, these two words best describe the level of pampering clients need as they prepare themselves mentally and physically for momentous occasions. Whether it involves hot stones or Swedish massage techniques, such a treatment restores.