Friday, June 27, 2014

Will a Pixie Cut Work? El Dorado Hills Hair Salon Says It Depends

Short hair, in general, isn’t as easy as slicing your flowing locks off. Take a look at pictures of celebrities who have sported pixie cuts, and you’ll notice that their hair stays as close as possible to the scalp. It takes the deft touch of a skilled hairstylist at a hair salon in El Dorado Hills like Hoshall’s Salon and Spa to replicate the look properly.

First, make sure you fulfill the requirements for a good pixie cut: straight hair, oval face, and a bold personality. These are just the bare minimum. Pixie cuts can appear even shorter on a heart-shaped face to draw attention away from the long jawline. In any case, wavy or curly pixie cuts will require more effort to maintain than straight pixie cuts.

Second, pixie cuts may require follow-up visits to a top El Dorado Hills salon since they lose their shape after six weeks tops. Short pixie cuts also need more trimming than longer ones.n when this short look proves its weight in gold.