Sunday, April 26, 2015

The best spas in Folsom want your hair to be healthy all summer long!

When rinsing your hair, feel free to condition with apple vinegar diluted in water for a quick natural option. Using coconut oil or shea butter (sparingly) will help your hair keep that shine and will help it to stay moisturized if you do end up washing it. Applying a small amount of sunscreen with your hands is a great way to add UV protection also. Hair salons in Folsom, CA like Hoshall’s are well-equipped and able to point you in the right direction to keep your hair looking the best it can. Hoshall’s is one of the best spas in Folsom and are dedicated to keeping your hair and body healthy, no matter what season it is. Their knowledgeable staff of stylists and beauty consultants are constantly educating themselves to the latest and best technologies and products available to keep your hair healthy.